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10 Tools To Help You Survive The Work-From-Home Life

10 Tools To Help You Survive The Work-From-Home Life

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One the challenges of working at home is the environment itself. Of course the arrangement has its benefits but let me tell you this. If you are a mom like me and you have kids who prance around the house most of the day and you are also tasked to take care of household chores, you have to double your efforts in order to stay focused with your work.…

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As if all the food I ate today aren’t enough! LOL Thank you cousin Kimmy for these goodies. Midnight snack ko ito kahit wala pang midnight! Hehehe

My angels na makukulit! Sige harutan pa! Ang magkabukol ‘wag iiyak ha. LOL

Iona’s first acting workshop with mommy and daddy: Pretend you’re a street child and ask for alms. Sumunod naman sya. Haha Wish I captured this on video ‘cause she pretended to cry,too! Real good for someone 1 and two months young. May future! Hehehe Kulet mo Iona beybe. Nawawala pagod ko sa’yo. <3

After a tiring Saturday, may tiring Sunday pa din. Covering books, notebooks and sorting my kids’ stuff for school! And to think I still have to work later. Pa-morningan na naman! Buti na lang ang cute ng mascot ko. Hehehe

OMG! Just what I need for this hectic, crazy week! Thank you Mommy!

She’s one happy kid. <3

May isang batang namamakialam ng drawers ko. Ang kulet-kulet mo Iona. Mana ka sa ‘kin. Haha

Make that a lot of sweat! Thanks to Smart Bro’s consistent inability to make their customers happy. It seems like a month won’t pass without an internet outage or two or three or more. Technical enhancement here, maintenance there. Bullshit here, bullshit there. What else is new? I’m uber delayed and now I’m expecting an exhausting, brain-damaging, hands-numbing shift. Hay Ice. Breathe in, breath out. Kaya ko ‘to. #ConsumerRant #UnhappyCustomer

My boy is singing for Inang! Manang-mana! Hehehe

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